Monday, May 25, 2009

EPIC CHANGE: Make Loans. Tell Stories. Change the World!

It is quite rare that a program comes along out of the blue that makes me want to sit-up, take notice and take action.  Today, I came across a cause that needs my support, your support and your vote to move forward.  The beauty of the organization is they are truly designed to be a hand-up, not a hand-out, in the lives of those they touch.

Epic Change is a non-profit organization that utilizes donations to make a change for an organization.  As the loan is repaid, the funds are then diverted to the next cause, creating a perpetual flow of financial support to improve countless lives the world over.  Currently, Epic Change is a finalist in the IdeaBlob $10K contest to raise money to improve the lives of someone in the world.  Epic Change is proposing the construction of a computer lab, library and boarding facility at a Tanzania school that has already benefited from their work.

Why am I interested in this?  Is this really something that is green?  Absolutely!  First, the school is currently utilizing solar power for electricity.  The school provides education in a part of the world that needs education to help move its people forward in life.  Also, as a college student, over 10 years ago, I planned to go to Zimbabwe to help facilitate construction on a school.  However, funding for the improvements fell through and I never made the trip.  There is a great deal of need in areas like Tanzania and Zimbabwe, and we can help. 

While your donations would be welcome, the need today is support and votes for their cause on IdeaBlob.  Click on this link, review their idea and vote to support them as they bring better education to children in need. 

Their mission: "We help hopeful people in need share their stories to acquire resources that will improve their lives."

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